Register as a tutor or guardian is completely free in Educate Sheba. Go to our Website Top Bar, you will see an option (SingUp). Just click here to create an account.

You get paid directly by the student/guardian. Educate Sheba is not involved in any transactions between tutors and students. This means that you can get paid however is most convenient for you.

After finalizing a job to a tutor, we ask for a 50 % advance of tutors first month's payment (Only once for each tuition job). We also have the policy to return the full money back to the tutor if somehow he/she loses the job within a month after paying the advance.

After creating a tutor profile you need to send a profile verification request from your tutor profile & then our profile verification team will process further for verifying your profile. You need to pay 500taka service charge for verifying your profile.

It’s not mandatory to verify your profile for applying for a tuition job. But a verified profile will help you to seek attention from the employer. If you are selected for a tuition job then this is mandatory to verify your profile .